Freshwater Pop-Up / Floated Predator Rig Kit for Pike, Musky and Gar

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As part of our continued quest to innovate, we present the Terra Firma Tackle Pop-Up Predator Rig!


- 90lb Cable Rig Body

- Ball Bearing Swivels

- Adjustable Hook Positioning System

- Re-Useable and Fish Friendly Pop-Up Attachment

- Tandem Treble Hooks

This rig is an American take on a European classic, the Pop-up deadbait rig.

Designed to be used with a sliding, carolina / fishfinder style sinker this rig allows the angler to float the bait a foot (or more) off the bottom with the incorporated float.

How to use:

1. Set the position of the free sliding hook to match the size of the bait by sliding the sleeve over the eye of the hook, locking it in place.

2. Bait up the rig, we recommend placing the first hook in the nose of the bait and the rear hook in the middle of the bait.

3. Clip the pop-up attachment on to the leader ahead of the first hook, allowing it to slide freely on the rig.

4. Lay the wire attached to the pop-up against the bait and elastic it in place with your choice of elastic bait thread!

5. Cast it out and hold on!


- Be sure to use bait elastic with this rig!

- You can raise or lower the depth of the rig by using a "bobber stop" or stopper knot ahead of the sliding sinker. The further up the mainline the stopper, the higher the rig will float in the water column!

- Check that your baited rig floats before casting, if it sinks, downsize the bait until the pop-up can lift it!