"Panhandle Special" LBSF Shark Fishing Rig Kit

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"Panhandle Special" Rig - 33' Total (30' Mono and 3' Wire)


    • 800lb Test Mono and Double #19 Wire Construction

        • Resists abrasion and holds up well against teeth.

    • High Carbon Steel Inline (Florida/Texas Legal) 24/0 Circle Hook
      • Oversized Power Swivels

      • Double Crimped 

    • Sliding Connector for Spider Weight / Brick Line
    • Sold With or Without Spider Weight


    These leaders are designed specifically by Dylan Weir of the Florida Panhandle.

    These rigs are designed specifically for the unique and challenging fishery the Panhandle region of Florida has to offer.

    With oversized swivels and materials, these beastly rigs will best any "big hoss" that comes along!

    The "rig kit" version of this leader also includes a Terra Firma Tackle spider weight/anchor for use with the rig, making it user friendly and ready for battle right out of the bag!



      • Rinse your leaders after each outing! This will keep hooks sharp, and swivels spinning well trip after trip!