Ultimate Sinker Slider - 3 Pack

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Tired of destroying typical sinker slides with heavy weights, braided line and big baits? These are the solution. The flexible body allows for less load on the rig, less tangles, and more user friendly operation than traditional fishfinder rigs. An elegant solution to an age old problem.

Flexible and Tangle Free Sinker Slide


-Flexible, Smooth Body To Minimize Tangles

-Ball Bearing Swivel for Weight Attachment

-Flexible Body Resists Cracking and Grooving

-Pair with the Universal Grip Converters (see other listing) for a strong hold in current and surf

-Rinse after use to keep debris from clogging the slider

-Try tying directly to the hook when trying to maximum distance, this "Cannonball" configuration can be lethal in bays!