"The Basics" - Drone Shark Fishing LBSF Float Rig - 30' 600lb Mono and 3' 600lb Cable

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“The Basics” are stripped down versions of our most popular premium tackle as a lower cost alternative. These offer the same functionality at a significantly lower cost! 

These leaders are designed specifically for presenting baits off the bottom to target pelagic species like Mako Sharks, Thresher Sharks, and Hammerhead Sharks with the use of a Drone.

We are happy to offer a DRONE friendly alternative to our ever popular float rig!

 This rig utilizes a integrated bait clip to allow the bait and weight to clip together for deployment, making it safe to fly this rig with a drone!

Use the integrated stopper bead to set the depth of the float and bait, anywhere from 0 to 40' off of the bottom!

Bare-Bones Version of our Drone Float Leader: 33' Total (30' Mono and 3' Cable)

    • 600lb Test Cable and 600lb Test Monofilament Construction

      • Incorporates free running float and stopper to set depth!
    • Features Inline (Florida/Texas Legal) High Carbon Circle Hooks
    • Oversized Swivels.
    • Double Crimped using Offshore Loop/Flemish Eye
  • For Use with Breakaway Style Weights

How to Deploy:

1. Set the desired depth by sliding the small rubber stopper to the desired distance above the weight.

2. Bait up the rig, keeping in mind the float is designed to lift 8oz-1lb baits on average.

3. Clip the hook and bait to the integrated bait clip.

4. Attach the drone release to the swivel on the "bite leader" attached to the hook. This will hang the weight and bait together under the drone upon takeoff.



-Use smaller baits than would be typical for bottom fishing. Remember the float has to be able to lift them.

-Be careful using this rig in high-traffic areas. Boats running between the float and the beach will result in a cut off

-Fish this rig on heavy tackle to avoid unnecessary break offs that will leave floats attached to sharks.

-Make every effort to recover this rig if lost. A cut off rig that is baited is still fishing and will result in "ghost fishing"!

- Use 1-2lb anchors to ensure this rig remains in place.

-Rinse your leaders after each outing! This will keep hooks sharp, and swivels spinning well trip after trip!