"The Basics" Fish Finder Rig Kit for Drum and Surf Fishing

Regular price $3.25

“The Basics” are stripped down versions of our most popular premium tackle as a lower cost alternative. These offer the same functionality at half the cost!


As is tradition for Terra Firma Tackle, we are proud to offer the Fishfinder Rig kit in a "Basics" version as well! The same functionality of our premium rig, with less options but a lower cost!

Kit Includes:

1x Fishfinder Rig Leader (150lb Mono)

1x Pyramid Sinker (4oz, 6oz or 8oz)

1x "Ultimate Sinker Slider" with Anti-Snag Lead Clip



- Power Swivel

- Stainless Circle Hooks

- Snag Proof Lead Clip

- 1' Leader

These rig kits make one of the most essential surf fishing methods accessible and easy for anyone! Simply run your line through the included sinker slider, attach the lead and tie to the swivel on the leader and youre ready to fish! Perfect for bays, shallow water and calm surf conditions.