"The Basics" - Slide Baiting Float

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New TFT "Basics" are simplified verisons of our premium tackle for a reduced cost! Just as functional, just a little less flashy! These are built to last! We use oversized swivels and through-wire these floats with single strand wire making them nearly indestructible. Simply clip on your leader to the bottom swivel and you are in business. These are simply the best way to present surface baits at distance!

Bare-Bones Version of our Slide Baiting Floats for Presenting Baits via Slide to Surface Feeding Fish!

~Uncoated to Reduce Costs

~Through Wired with Stainless Wire for Extreme Strength. Tested in 200lb Class Tackle Applications

~Simple Black Teflon Coated Brass Hardware for Longevity

~Plenty Buoyant for Large or Strong Baits, Live or Dead


~ Try using these floats with our Universal Grip Lead Attachments to be certain your float stays on track!
~Using these floats in combination with the Non-Return Sliders will let the float travel out to become vertical with the sinker! Fish water you've never surface fished before!

NOTE: We recommend using cable leaders ALWAYS when float fishing. You never know when that once in a lifetime critter is going to show up on your bait, better to be prepared than not!