"The Basics" Sturgeon / Catfish Rig

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We are proud to extend our "Basics" line of budget friendly big game tackle into our freshwater line as well and proudly present the Terra Firma Tackle "Basics" Sturgeon and Catfish Rigs! These rigs are the same quality components as our renowned "Dino Special" Hair Rigs, but instead are simple "hook the bait" style rigs to reduce cost as well as offering a circle hook configuration!


- 200lb or 400lb Kevlar Rig Body

- 4/0 or 8/0 "Big River" Hook or 5/0 or 8/0 Circle Hook

- Big River Style Hook w/ Pinched Barbs or Circle Hooks w/ barbs

- Ball Bearing Swivels

These rigs will absolutely improve the hookup rate when targeting sturgeon and large catfish. By using a kevlar leader, the hook and bait are allowed to move freely and fly effortlessly into the targets mouth!