2-Way Slide Buckle - 5 Pack

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2-Way Slide Buckles are perfect for live baits, allowing the bait to swim up and down the anchored line in a natural presentation. These also work great to allow a slower descent of dead baits when the fish are at an unknown level in the water column. The round opening of the slider allows it to be used effectively with stopper ring type breakaway/rotten bottom rigs to ensure the leader is retrieved when fishing in snaggy areas. These are black nickel coated and will not groove or tangle like ordinary snap swivels will!


2-Way Slide Buckle - 5 Pack


  • Black Nickel Coated

    • Rust Resistant - Non-abrasive to Your Main Line

  • Round Opening Designed to Stop on Swivels/Stopper Rings 


    • Pair the Terra Firma 2-Way Sliders with breakaway/rotten bottom rigs to conserve tackle in snaggy areas!

    • After the bite don't set the hook immediately. Instead point the rod tip at the fish and wind as fast possible until the line comes tight. At that point give a "gentle" hook-set and proceed to fight the fish as normal

    • Pair the 2-Way Slide Buckles with our specially designed leaders for best results