76 Rig – 200lb Mono and 210lb Test Cable

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The original rig for suspended baits! A great stand-by for the northern region pier fishermen here in California and now its available online to all the rest of the landbased anglers worldwide!


76 Rig - 200lb Mono Rig Body and 210lb Test Cable Bite Leader


~Heavy Coated Stainless Cable and Monofilament Construction

~Features Sandbar Tackle High Carbon Circle Hooks
~Oversized Ball Bearing Swivels

~Streamlined Float for Easier Casting

~Integrated Sliding Stop to Allow Clip-Down on the Cast

~Removable Float for Easy Storage and Coiling

This rig can be a little awkward to cast, but it allows the bait to be suspended over the bottom in places or conditions slide-baiting just wont work.

What does this rig do that is so special? Some places slide-baiting a float is simply not an option, such as extreme surf conditions, lack of the required elevation, or obstacles in the way of the slide such as weed, reefs, or kelp. Floats are often easily cut off by boat traffic, obstructed by floating debris, etc.  It was exactly these conditions that led to the creation of this rig. A new way to get your float out when simply nothing else will work.