Ascension Rig – 210lb Test Cable

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These rigs represent the pinnacle of suspended bait fishing, specifically designed for fishing for huge fish from land at distance! This rig solves the issues of twisting rigs, fly-away baits, and limited casting distance associated with the other suspended presentation rigs out there (ie. 76 Rig). This rig clips down to a compact package similar to a loop rig that upon impact with the water unclips to a rig of a length specified by the angler (through the use of a stop knot) that lifts the bait off of the bottom as far as wanted! We have tested this rig in 100 feet of water and suspended baits successfully at 100 yards and 80 feet off the bottom. The float is removable thanks to the unique slotted design for easy storage. This rig clips up to form a stiff loop and a tight grouping of the weight and bait.


Ascension Rig - 210lb Test Wire


~Heavy Coated Stainless Cable Construction

~Features Sandbar Tackle High Carbon Circle Hooks
~Oversized Ball Bearing Swivels

~Slotted Float for Presenting Bait at Distance and Off of the Bottom

~Removable Float for Easy Storage and Coiling

How to use:

1. Thread the mainline through the center of the float tube and tie to the Bait Clip or Universal Grip Lead attachment.

2. Decide how far you want to suspend the rig, and tie a simple "Stop Knot" (see photos for example) on the mainline at that location on the main line (IE. If you wanted to suspend the bait 20' off the bottom you would tie a stop knot on the main line 20' up the line (toward the reel) from the bait clip)

3. Bait up the rig, we recommend using our Baiting Elastic for best presentation.

4. Clip the Hook of the rig into the Bait Clip or clip on the Universal Grip Attachment

5. Clip the Rig Clip found on the rig body to the upper clip located on the top of the float.

6. Make your cast, the rig will un-clip on contact with the water and the float will rise to the stop knot and remain off the bottom!

Note: This rig is designed for use with our Universal Grip Attachments and their integrated bait clip or our own Bait Clips available separately. Feel free to use your own bait clips, but note that the stresses this rig will place on a standard clip will probably result in failure of anything but the best clips.