Blow-Back Hair Rig For Carp Fishing (European Style)

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Introducing the Terra Firma Tackle version of the ever popular Hair Rig!

This rig is designed to be used with a Method Feeder and "pack-bait" chum as a lethally effective combination known to catch carp both in the states and abroad!

By using rubberized hook-link / leader and a uncoated hair, the rig is virtually undetectable to the carp once taken, and by using a "blow-back" tube on the hook bend the rig is extremely difficult to expel. This creates a deadly combo allowing for solid connections to nearly every biter!

The artificial corn will last dozen of fish and is impervious to turtles, panfish and other "scent" predators but appears identical to the real thing to the visually foraging carp!


- 30lb Rubber Coated Hooklink / Leader

- Size 6 Teflon Coated "Square Bend" Carp Hooks

- Teflon Coated Ring Swivel

- Durable Blowback Tubing

Coupled with a method-feeder this rig is incredibly effective rig that allows for surgical presentations and no need to fiddle with rebaiting a hair after every fish!

(It also happens to catch catfish quite well too!)