Bridle Clip / Big Game Hair Bait Rigging Kit - 5 Pack

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Bridle Clips


~Stainless Steel Wire Construction

~Rubber Gaskets That Grip the Hook

~Live or Dead Baits!

These Bridle Clips are designed to make the mechanics of a bridled bait or hair rig presentation even easier to achieve than ever before!

By moving the bait off of the hook and allowing it to be rigged separate from the hook, the entire hook gap is exposed and the bite to hook-up ratio skyrockets!

These re-useable wire clips can be used with either dead or live baits, and greatly improve the anglers odds of a solid connection to the fish of a lifetime!


~ For smaller hooks (up to size 4/0) insert the hook into the gap between the rubber gasket and the top of the wire loop for maximum efficacy

~For larger hooks (4/0 and up) pierce the rubber gasket with the hook point to use

- Works best with barbless hooks (pinch down the barb or your favorite hook for a smilar effect)