"Dino Special" Sturgeon / Catfish Hair Rig

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We proudly present yet another game-changing innovation in big-game fishing, the Terra Firma Tackle "Dino Special"! These rigs are the new gold-standard in bait presentation and hook-up ratio when it comes to targeting the largest of prehistoric river monsters!


- 200lb or 400lb Kevlar Rig Body

- 4/0 or 8/0 Hook

- Big River Style Hook w/ Pinched Barbs

- Ball Bearing Swivels

- Stainless Steel Bait Screw

- Durable Rig Tubing

These rigs will absolutely improve the hookup rate when targeting sturgeon. By attaching the bait to the free-hanging bait screw, the hook and bait are separated. This not only leaves the hook completely exposed, allowing for better hook sets, but it also acts as a "blowback rig", preventing the suction-feeding dinosaurs from expelling the rig from their mouth after tasting it!

When the fish inhales the bait, the bait drags the hook with it. But when the sturgeon tries to expel the rig, the bait leaves first, and the force / weight of the bait leaving the fishes mouth drives the hook point into the fishes lower jaw! This results in fewer "knocker" bites and more solid connections! (its lethally effective on big cats too!)