Distance Casting Floats for Surface Fishing or Shore Jigging

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The "bubble-float" is about to go extinct thanks to these incredible new offerings from TFT!

Available now, an aerodynamic, heavy, floating distance float that can be rigged inline or fixed for maximum efficacy in a variety of surface fishing an lure fishing applications!

Also known as a "surface controller" in freshwater fishing!


- Heavy Plastic Construction

- Always Floats (no need to add weight or water)

- Variety of Rigging Options (Inline, Semi-Fixed)

- Available in 1oz and 1.75oz Sizes

These weighted floats come as a 4 part system: Float, Inline Tube, Rubber End Cap, and Swivel.

To rig the float inline simply thread the line through the supplied removable tubing an rubber end piece and tie on to the largest ring on the swivel. This configuration allows the float to slide freely up and down the line. Best for bait fishing under the surface or for use with a stop knot as a traditional float.

To rig the float semi-fixed, thread the tubing an float as before but instead tie to the smaller end of the supplied ring swivel an pull the swivel into the rubber end cap of the float. This will create a semi-fixed attachment but if needed the float will detach during the fight and slide freely up the line. This configuration works best for surface fishing or for using as a casting weight for "popping" or "splashing" with lures.

These new floats are an incredibly effective tool for delivering light baits over distances previously unreachable!