Heavy Bait Elastic - 200M

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This is a must for anyone who fishes at distance! Casting large soft baits like fish and squid to extreme distances imparts a huge amount of force on the baits, often stripping them from the hook on the cast or on impact with the water! Solve the problem of fly-away baits by using this product to secure the bait to the hook before launching!

Heavy Bait Elastic

~Environmentally Friendly Elastic Thread
~Clear Dispenser to Keep Elastic Clean and Tidy
~200 Yards


~ Pair the Terra Firma Bait Elastic with our Terra Firma Loop and Pulley Rigs for a perfect system for preventing large baits at distance for landbased game fish!

~Try using Bait Elastic to combine baits (ie mackerel and squid) on one rig to increase the chances of tempting passing fish!

~Tired of having crabs pick your baits to bits in minutes after deployment? Use Bait Elastic liberally to discourage pick-biters from stripping the hook.

~If slidebaiting, use bait elastic to present the hook in an exposed position on the outside of the bait as opposed to buried in the meat itself, this will improve bite to hook up ratios dramatically!