Inline Spring Feeders for Carp Fishing 3-Pack (Asian Style)

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Available now, a stealth black compact but effective spring feeder for use in Carp Fishing here in the states for those that favor the lower cost Asian style carping!


3x Spring Feeders (weightless)

This kit is designed to be used with a our Blow-Back Hair Rigs and "pack-bait" chum as a lethally effective combination known to catch carp both in the states and abroad!

The pack bait mix is packed around the spring feeder and cast out with the rig to provide a compact area of chum around the hookbait to draw in feeding fish!


- 3x Coated Spring Feeders

- Plastic Through Tube for Inline Use

- Stealth Black Color

These feeders feature an internal plastic tube that allows the rig to run free for a free-running presentation, or can be used with a bobber stop or stop knot to provide a bolt effect as well.