LBSF Shark Fishing Kayak / Drone Deployed Leader - 30' 600lb Mono and 12' 800lb Cable

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This particular leader design is intended to be more or less universal in application.
By using heavy cable as opposed to single strand wire, those anglers on the West Coast (California) targeting sharks known to jump and twist will not experience any "kinking" issues as with single strand.
We have included a sliding clip on the mono portion to serve as an attachment point for a "Spider Weight" or breakaway weight/sandbag.
All connections are double crimped and use only the highest quality materials. We leave our connections un-covered with no heat-shrink so that the user can inspect the connections each use and ensure there is no chaffing!
Compare to similar leaders sold for far more money using lower quality gear!


Landbased Shark Fishing Leader - 42' Total (30' Mono and 12' Cable)


    • 800lb Test Cable and 600lb Test Monofilament Construction

        • Resists abrasion and holds up well against teeth.

    • Features Inline (Florida/Texas Legal) High Carbon Circle Hooks
      • Oversized Ball Bearing Swivels.
      • Double Crimped using Offshore Loop/Flemish Eye
    • Sliding Connector for Spider Weight / Brick Line

    These leaders are designed specifically for long drops off the beach or pier using a kayak or drone to deploy large unruly baits a great distance.


      • Rinse your leaders after each outing! This will keep hooks sharp, and swivels spinning well trip after trip!