Method Feeder Kit for Carp Fishing with Pack Bait

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After countless requests for us to offer Method Feeders, we have finally caved!

Available now, a stealth black compact but effective Method Feeder kit for use in Carp Fishing here in the states!


2x Method Feeders (20g)

1x Pack Bait Mould

This kit is designed to be used with a our Blow-Back Hair Rigs and "pack-bait" chum as a lethally effective combination known to catch carp both in the states and abroad!

The pack bait mix is packed around the method feeder using the included mould and cast out with the rig to provide a compact area of chum around the hookbait to draw in feeding fish!


- 2x 20g Flatbed Feeders

- Internal Rubber Tubing for Bolt Rig Presentations

- Included Mould for Perfect Loading Every Time

- Stealth Black Color

These feeders feature an internal rubber tube that allows the rig swivel to be pulled up into the lead or not, allowing for either bolt presentations (self hooking) or sliding presentations (for wearier fish or catfish).

This kit is incredibly effective set of gear that allows for surgical presentations and no need to fiddle with rebaiting a hair after every fish!

(It also happens to catch catfish quite well too!)