Non-Return Slider - 2 Pack

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These Non-Return Sliders enable a bait to be "slid" out towards an anchored sinker in any conditions! After casting and anchoring the sinker (we recommend the Terra Firma Grip Attachments), the Non-Return Slide and attached leader and then slid down the line and if necessary slowly "worked-out" by gentle pumping of the rod. When the bait is taken by the target the slide continues down the line to the sinker and then the fish is fought no differently than in a normal situation! A truly remarkable method of fishing enabling tremendous catches to be made from dry land: Terra Firma!

Non-Return Slider - 2 Pack 

  • Stainless Steel Construction

    • Rust Resistant - Non-abrasive to Your Main Line


    • Pair the Terra Firma Non-Return Sliders with Terra Firma Floats to present large or live baits at distance on the surface!

    • After the bite don't set the hook immediately. Instead point the rod tip at the fish and wind as fast possible until the line comes tight. At that point give a "gentle" hook-set and proceed to fight the fish as normal

    • Pair the Non-Return Sliders with our specially designed leaders for best results