Non-Return Slider Weights - 2 Pack (Weights Only)

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You asked for them, so here they are. No more need to carry both Weighted and Un-Weighted Non-Return Slides any longer. These weights clip onto the shaft on the non-returns (or onto the leader directly for 2-Way Slides) and add a little extra weight to the slide. Gets the baits down faster in wind/swell.


Non-Return Slider Weights - 2 Pack

  • Removeable / Reuseable


    • Pair the Terra Firma Non-Return Sliders with Terra Firma Floats to present large or live baits at distance on the surface!

    • After the bite don't set the hook immediately. Instead point the rod tip at the fish and wind as fast possible until the line comes tight. At that point give a "gentle" hook-set and proceed to fight the fish as normal

    • Pair the Non-Return Sliders with our specially designed leaders for best results