"Paylake Special" Wishbone Double Drop Carp Fishing Rig

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We are happy to offer our own take on the popular "Pay Lake" style carp rigs favored by our cyprinid chasing brethren on the East Coast! We've melded euro style hooks and leader material with American simplicity to create what be believe to be the ultimate paylake carp rig!

This rig features a three way swivel and two "drops" or leaders design to be baited with sinking or floating "Pickups" or baits. An inline egg sinker or no-roll sinker is used as a weight ahead of the rig and a ball of "pack bait" is moulded around the rig and sinker to enable precise delivery of both the chum and hook baits!


- 30lb Rubber Coated Hooklink / Leader

- Size 6 Teflon Coated "Square Bend" Carp Hooks

- Wide Body Stainless Steel Three-Way Swivel for Gripping Pack Baits

This rig may have been born in the paylakes, but its just as at home fishing wild water with various natural hookbaits! A great alternative to method feeders and hair rigs when the action is fast paced or fishing in situation requiring more lead than a usual method-feeder can provide (ie rivers).

By using rubberized hook-link / leader the rig is virtually undetectable to the carp once taken and the slippery teflon coated hook creates a deadly combo allowing for quick, deep penetration and solid connections to nearly every biter!