Pin Rig / King Rig Sliders- 2 Pack

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This is a new one for our West Coast customers but our friends back East know this as a "King Rig", a way of sliding a bait out with two rods. This lets a light, castable set up be used to deliver the anchor (we recommend our Universal Grip Lead Attachments) a long distance and a second, un-castable rod (think 50W size reel for shark applications) as the "fighting rod".

"Pin-Rig" Sliders


~Stainless Wire "Pin" for Easy Adjustment of Tension

~Features our very own Ball Bearing Snap Swivels for Reliability and Durability

~Built in Weight for Easy Sliding

First the anchor is cast to the desired distance with the "Anchor Rod" and then the  leader is tied to the "fighting rod" and baited up. The "Pin" of the "Pin Rig" is inserted into the ring of the swivel on the leader, and the tension adjusted so that when the rod is bit, the pin pulls free. The "Pin Rig" slider is then attached to the anchor rods line as your would a normal slide bait, when slid it takes the fighting rods bait out as if the bait was slid on the "anchor rod". When bit the pin pops free and the "fighting rod" is then free to fight the fish without the "anchor rod"! Cool huh? No need for a kayak to drop that 50W out on the horizon when you can slide bait it out just like a regular rig!

These are designed to be used alone, or with our Non-Return Slides and Floats to allow for distance presentations with heavy gear. Now you can target "The One" without needing your kayak or drone!


~ Use our Non-Return Sliders to work the Pin Rig out as far as you want. Just remember to feed line out on the fighting rod!

~Try using a Slide Baiting Float with the Pin Rig to keep those baits off the bottom!

~When the seas are bad or the wind is rough try using two Grip Lead Attachments to be sure your anchor holds. Leave the anchor a while before sliding the Pin Rig as well, this lets it get buried in the sand/mud and gives a firm hold!