Pulley Rig – 200lb Test Monofilament and 210lb Cable

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These rigs are specifically designed for fishing for huge fish from land at distance! Finally a solution to delivering oversized baits fished on the bottom!

The streamlined nature of this rig and oversized components allows for tactics commonly associated with light game fishing, edibles, and small gamefish to be used for taking larger shore based game like sharks, rays and drum!

Longer casts, better bait presentation, heavy construction, whats not to like?


Pulley Rig – 200lb Test Monofilament and 210lb Cable


~Heavy Mono and Cable Construction

~Features Sandbar Tackle High Carbon Circle Hook

~Oversized Ball Bearing Swivels

Note: This rig is designed for use with our Universal Grip Attachments and their integrated bait clip or our own Bait Clips available separately. Feel free to use your own bait clips, but note that the stresses this rig will place on a standard clip will probably result in failure of anything but the best clips.


~ Use leads that way more that the bait being used for best distance.

~ Trim off tails and fins on fish baits to get more aerodynamic flights and better distance.
~ Pair this rig with Terra Firma bait elastic (see other listings) and Universal Grip Attachments for best durability and bait presentation

~ Rinse your leaders after each outing! This will keep hooks sharp, and swivels spinning well trip after trip!