Casted Bait Rig Pack

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This pack includes everything you need to get started fishing casted baits.


2x  200lb Test Pulley Rigs
1x 210lb Test Loop Rig
1x  Bait Elastic
1x Pack of Universal Grip Lead Sinker Converters


Pulley and Loop Rigs

200lb and 210lb Test Monofilament and Cable Construction
Resists abrasion and holds up well against teeth.
Sandbar Tackle High Carbon Hooks
Oversized Ball Bearing Swivels

These rigs are specifically designed for fishing for huge fish from land at distance! Finally a solution to delivering oversized baits fished on the bottom! The streamlined nature of this rig and oversized components allows for tactics commonly associated with light game fishing, edibles, and small gamefish to be used for taking larger shore based game like sharks, rays and drum! Longer casts, better bait presentation, heavy construction, whats not to like?

Suitable for any fishing style that requires a strong abrasion resistant leader / trace that can take some abuse.


Universal Grip Lead Sinker Converter Attachments

~ABS and 316 Stainless Steel Construction
~Rubber Retainer Bead to Keep Attachment Secure
~Fits Any Style and Size of Lead
~Holds Any Type of Bottom
~Package contains 2 Sinker Convertors

These attachments transform any style, weight or size of lead sinker into a super holding grip lead! These are hand made from ABS and 316 grade Stainless Steel wire, nearly indestructible! Each leg folds down to allow for easy storage and transport. No need to carry various size awkward grip leads, just a handful of Terra Firma grip lead attachments and various plain sinker leads will allow for any fishing conditions!


Heavy Bait Elastic

~Environmentally Friendly Elastic Thread
~Clear Dispenser to Keep Elastic Clean and Tidy
~200m of Bait Elastic!

This is a must for anyone who fishes at distance! Casting large soft baits like fish and squid to extreme distances imparts a huge amount of force on the baits, often stripping them from the hook on the cast or on impact with the water! Solve the problem of fly-away baits by using this product to secure the bait to the hook before launching!