Deluxe Slide Baiting Pack

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This pack includes everything you need to start slide baiting.


1x 2' 210lb Cable Leader w/ 8/0
1x 6' 210lb Cable Leader w/ 8/0
1x 12' 210lb Cable Leader w/ 8/0

1x 2' 130lb Fluorocarbon Leader  w/ 5/0
1x 6' 130lb Fluorocarbon Leader w/ 5/0
1x 12' 130lb Fluorocarbon Leader w/ 5/0

3x Packs Non-Return Sliders
3x Packs Universal Grip Lead Sinker Converters


Slidebaiting Leaders

130lb Test Fluorocarbon and 210lb Cable Construction
Features High Carbon Circle Hook
Oversized Ball Bearing Swivel
Hand Tied Snell on Hook Eye
Double Crimped with Offshore Loop / Flemish Eye

These leaders are designed specifically for West Coast/Hawaii style land based sharking, using a tactic known worldwide as “Slide baiting”. By casting a heavy anchor sinker (see our other products for examples) the angler can create a zip line effect, allowing a large, or fragile live bait to be presented at greater distances than they could be cast! A fantastic fishing tactic, and these leaders are the perfect tool for the job!

Suitable for any fishing style that requires a strong abrasion resistant leader / trace that can take some abuse.


Universal Grip Lead Sinker Converter Attachments

~ABS and 316 Stainless Steel Construction
~Rubber Retainer Bead to Keep Attachment Secure
~Fits Any Style and Size of Lead
~Holds Any Type of Bottom

These attachments transform any style, weight or size of lead sinker into a super holding grip lead! These are hand made from ABS and 316 grade Stainless Steel wire, nearly indestructible! Each leg folds down to allow for easy storage and transport. No need to carry various size awkward grip leads, just a handful of Terra Firma grip lead attachments and various plain sinker leads will allow for any fishing conditions!

During testing we fished these leads in 75 mph winds and 12 foot seas and were able to hold bottom with large baits in a slide baiting capacity. Truly a testament to how well they hold bottom.

Non-Return Sliders

Stainless Steel Construction
Rust Resistant – Non Abrasive to Your Main Line
Designed and Manufactured In California
Enables Baits to be Presented at Extreme Distances
Fragile or Complex Baits that Could Not be Cast –

These Non-Return Sliders enable a bait to be “slid” out towards an anchored sinker in any conditions! After casting and anchoring the sinker (we recommend the Terra Firma Grip Attachments), the Non-Return Slide and attached leader and then slid down the line and if necessary slowly “worked-out” by gentle pumping of the rod. When the bait is taken by the target the slide continues down the line to the sinker and then the fish is fought no differently than in a normal situation! A truly remarkable method of fishing enabling tremendous catches to be made from dry land: Terra Firma!