Southern California Land-Based Shark Fishing (LBSF) Guided Charters

Regular price $300.00

Due to demand we are now offering our customers the option to fish with us in person!

We discovered and pioneered this magnificent fishery here in Southern California, and as a result we know it well enough to put our clients on the biggest, baddest fish possible on any given day!

The rates listed are for groups of up to 4 people. For additional people or larger groups please email us at to arrange for larger group rates!

We are not the cheapest guides in town, but we are without a doubt the BEST at what we do! Why would you settle for anything less than the best?

Trip Details:

6-Hour Trips $600: (your choice of morning or evening)

Morning Trips begin at 5:00am PST and end at 11:00am PST.

Evening Trips begin at 6:00pm PST and end at 12:00am PST.

12-Hour Trips $900: (overnight into early morning)

12-Hour Trips Begin at 12:00am PST and end at 12:00pm PST to avoid the most crowded periods of the day!

Location is to be determined by fishing conditions and clients preference (if possible). We fish a wide swath of coast and will try to maximize our success by selecting the optimum beach based on conditions!

We DO NOT fish for protected species, so don't ask. This includes Great White Sharks. There is always a chance we might encounter one as they frequent our area, but there will be no delaying the release for photographs or other tomfoolery. This behavior is strictly forbidden.

What Is Included:

Bait: We Go Above and Beyond to Source the Very Best Baits for Our Region and Target Species!

Fishing Gear / Tackle: You are Welcome to Bring Your Own, But We Will Provide State-of-the-Art Gear For You!

Kayak / Deployments: No Need to Worry About Getting Baits Out! We Have You Covered!

Chairs: We Bring Up To 4 Chairs with Us

What IS NOT Included:

Fishing License: You Will Need a California 1-Day Fishing License for the Day of Your Trip (

Food and Drinks: We are not Permitted to Provide Food or Drink so be Sure to Bring Your Own!

Comfort Items: Sunscreen, Chairs (if your party is greater than 4), Umbrellas, Alcohol (bear in mind that most beaches forbid open containers) Etc.

Deposits are only refundable if we cancel the trip. No-shows forfeit deposits. Rescheduling is permitted if done within 48-hours of scheduled time. We reserve the right to cancel for weather, conditions, emergencies, etc. This is a dangerous sport and we will not put our clients or sand-hands in danger unnecessarily.

Why book with Terra Firma Tackle?

- Experience Is Everything: We have been land-based fishing here in So-Cal longer than than anyone else in the business. We literally pioneered the fishery, and we understand it in ways that only those with a decade of experience on this coast can! We literally taught the competition how to fish. Fish with the masters, not the failed apprentice!

- We Fish in Style: We do not cut corners with our rigging or gear. No welfare rigs or pawn shop tackle here. Just state of the art rods and reels, fresh line, and the best rigs in the industry. This means less lost fish, and the best chance possible at putting a fish on the sand!

- Composure and Professionalism: We keep a low profile on the sand. No flags, no videos, no hype. We focus on the fishing and try to leave as small a footprint on the beach as we can. We do not fish crowded beaches, we do not invite drama, and we do not argue with law enforcement. We care about this fishery and do our best to give it the best impression we can. This means the best possible experience for our clients!

We'll say it again, we are not the cheapest guides in town, but we are without a doubt the BEST at what we do! Why would you settle for anything less than the best?

For any questions, concerns, or clarifications regarding booking these trips feel free to email us at!