"Texas Special" LBSF Shark Fishing Leader

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Specifically designed for the rigors of Texas shark fishing these rigs allow for optimum efficiency both economically and in application!

This rig allows the user to replace the "drop" or "bite leader" as needed using a heavy duty long line clip!

No more replacing entire rigs due to dull hooks!

Available as a kit with both leader and replaceable "drop"/bite leader as well as replacement "drops"!

Landbased Shark Fishing Leader - 39' Total (30' Mono and 3' Cable + 6' Cable Drop / Bite Leader)


    • 800lb Test Cable and 600lb Test Monofilament Construction

        • Resists abrasion and holds up well against teeth.

    • Features Inline (Florida/Texas Legal) High Carbon Circle Hooks
      • Oversized Ball Bearing Swivels.
      • Oversized Long Line Clip
      • Double Crimped using Offshore Loop/Flemish Eye
    • Sliding Connector for Spider Weight / Brick Line

    These leaders are designed specifically for long drops off the beach or pier using a kayak or drone to deploy large unruly baits a great distance.


      • Rinse your leaders after each outing! This will keep hooks sharp, and swivels spinning well trip after trip!