"The Basics" - LBSF Shark Fishing Float Rig Kit (Kayak Deployed) - 40' 600lb Mono and 12' 800lb Cable

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“The Basics” are stripped down versions of our most popular premium tackle as a lower cost alternative. These offer the same functionality at a significantly lower cost! 

Bare-Bones Version of our LBSF Float Leader: 52' Total (40' Mono and 12' Cable)

    • 800lb Test Cable and 600lb Test Monofilament Construction

      • Incorporates Our Large Sized Float to Present the Bait Off-Bottom
    • Features Inline (Florida/Texas Legal) High Carbon Circle Hooks
    • Oversized Swivels.
    • Double Crimped using Offshore Loop/Flemish Eye
  • For Use with Breakaway Style Weights
This particular leader design has been under development for many years. By incorporating an inline float that runs freely on the rub leader the bait can be presented above the bottom (roughly 12' under the surface) in a way that is far more appealing to pelagic species than a bait buried in the sand would be!

This rig has been responsible for phenomenal catches. When assembled as shown in the photos the rig is easily deployed. Simply attach your breakaway sinker/sandbag to the snap swivel at the bottom of the rig and drop into the water first, preferably while holding onto the float.

Once the weight has made contact with the bottom, kayak the float to the top of the rig and let go.

With practice this becomes as easy as any other deployment.

Bites can manifest as either screaming runs, or slack bites if the fish breaks the weight off and swims toward the beach. Either way wind down and set the hook!


-Use smaller baits than would be typical for bottom fishing. Remember the float has to be able to lift them.

-Be careful using this rig in high-traffic areas. Boats running between the float and the beach will result in a cut off

-Fish this rig on heavy tackle to avoid unnecessary break offs that will leave floats attached to sharks.

-Make every effort to recover this rig if lost. A cut off rig that is baited is still fishing and will result in "ghost fishing"!

- Use 12-20lb breakaway line depending on current. This will ensure the weight is lost when bit.

-Rinse your leaders after each outing! This will keep hooks sharp, and swivels spinning well trip after trip!