"The MEG" Extreme Duty LBSF Shark Fishing Rig

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"The MEG" Extreme Duty LBSF Rig - 42' Total (30' Mono and 12' Cable)


    • 2000lb Test Mono and 1500lb Cable Construction

        • The heaviest duty production rig ever offered commercially!

    • Mustad Duratin "Giant" Hook (39937NP-DT) as feature on "Sharkmen" and used by Osearch!
      • Oversized 12/0 Rosco Swivels

      • Double Crimped 

    • Sliding Connector for Spider Weight / Brick Line


    These leaders are intended for use in the most extreme of situation or for the anglers that wants to spare no expense when targeting the fish of a lifetime!
    Featuring the very best components available, from the most abrasion resistant monofilament available and the heaviest workable coated stainless steel cable to the largest commercially available non-novelty hook in the world and the heaviest swivels available, no corners were cut in the design and manufacture of this extreme rig!


      • Rinse your leaders after each outing! This will keep hooks sharp, and swivels spinning well trip after trip!