Premium Surf and Light Tackle Rods *Built To Order*

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*All Rods are "Built to Order" Expect at Least a 4 Week Lead Time Before Shipping*

Proud to offer a new and improved version of our ever so popular Light Tackle and Surf rods!

These rods are built on a state-of-the-art composite blank that after extended testing enabled us to retain that "crisp" graphite feel while imparting the necessary durability and ruggedness we wanted from our premium light tackle rods! The re-release includes not only new lengths, but also new power ratings!

These rods are unlike most high-end light tackle rods in that they have a wide effective range, both in casting weight as well as line rating!

The ML version of the rod in both the 9'6" version as well as the 8' version both are right at home fishing from 1/8oz or so on up to 1oz lures, with the 3/4oz weight thats so popular with 110 size jerkbaits being the sweet spot!

The M version of the rod in in both offered lengths is more of a swimbait and hardbait rod in the surf, performing best with from about the 110 size jerkbaits (3/4oz) on up to 2oz wait and bait settings!

The H version is only available in 10', but is the best choice if bait and wait or heavy carolina rig fishing is the goal. This rod is also an incredible river and lake rod for catfish and carp. Weve been calling it the "roughfish special" around the shop!

During testing we landed Sturgeon to 7.5', Carp over 30lbs, and several trophy Salmon in addition to the usual Sea Trout/Corvina, Striper and Halibut that it was actually intended to target!


- 8' or 9'6" or 10' Lengths in the 2-Piece Models

-8'9" Length in the 3-Piece Models

- Line Ratings: ML (6-20lb), M (8-25lb), H (10-30lb)

- Lure Ratings: ML (1/8oz-1oz), M (1/4oz-1.25oz), H (1/2oz-1.75oz)

- Microwave Guide System

- Minimalist Full Length Handle for Casting Distance

- Modern High-Tech Composite Blanks

- European Spigot Ferrules (do not attempt to force the rod joint to a flush position!)

Purpose built for the most intense fishing situations on the planet, these rods are unlike any other light tackle rod currently offered, custom or otherwise. These ultra-modern blanks manage to remain crisp, and light in the hand while maintaining a durable and forgiving action that makes them uniquely suited to target both small surf critters as well as large game on light tackle!

*All Rods are "Built to Order" Expect at Least a 4 Week Lead Time Before Shipping*