Universal Grip Lead Sinker Converter - 2 Pack

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These attachments transform any style, weight or size of lead sinker into a super holding grip lead! These are hand made from ABS and 316 grade Stainless Steel wire, nearly indestructible! Each leg folds down to allow for easy storage and transport. No need to carry various size awkward grip leads, just a handful of Terra Firma grip lead attachments and various plain sinker leads will allow for any fishing conditions!

Universal Grip Lead Sinker Converters


~ABS and 316 Stainless Steel Construction

~Rubber Retainer Bead to Keep Attachment Secure

~Fits Any Style and Size of Lead

~Integrated Bait Clip


~After the cast point the rod tip down and wind slowly, trying to dig the legs of the attachment into the bottom, you will feel how strongly the lead grips!

~If slide baiting, wait a few minutes for the sinker to settle after digging in before sliding your bait, this will give the best hold!

~ Rinse your attachments after each outing! This will keep the channels free of debris and the units working well trip after trip