"WildLife" Alligator Gar / Catfish Rig

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We proudly present yet another game-changing innovation in big-game fishing, the Terra Firma Tackle "WildLife" Gar Rig! These rigs are the new gold-standard in bait presentation and hook-up ratio when it comes to targeting the largest member of the Gar family, the Alligator Gar!


- 500lb Kevlar Rig Body

- Special "Gar Gape" Pattern Circle Hook

- Ball Bearing Swivels

- Extra Long Rig Body

As proved by Payton of famed YouTube channel "WildLife" has proven, circle hooks are the future of gar fishing here in the states! 

These specialized hook patterns are flexible kevlar rig bodies are designed to allow for optimum hook-up rates and better release success than traditional treble or small "J" patterned hooks can!