Wind-On 76 Rig – 210lb Test Cable

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A slight modification on the original 76 Rig! A great stand-by for the northern region pier fishermen here in California and now its available online to all the rest of the landbased anglers worldwide!
This rig is far easier to cast than the traditional 76, a little more clumsy than the Ascension Rig, but it still allows the bait to be suspended over the bottom in places or conditions slide-baiting just wont work.


Wind-On 76 Rig – 210lb Test Cable


~Heavy Coated Stainless Cable Construction

~Features Sandbar Tackle High Carbon Circle Hook
~Oversized Ball Bearing Swivels

~Slotted Float for Presenting Bait at Distance and Off of the Bottom

~Removable Float for Easy Storage and Coiling

How to use:

1. Thread the mainline through the center of the float tube and tie to the Bait Clip or Universal Grip Lead attachment.

2. Decide how far you want to suspend the rig, and tie a simple "Stop Knot" (see photos for example) on the mainline at that location on the main line (IE. If you wanted to suspend the bait 20' off the bottom you would tie a stop knot on the main line 20' up the line (toward the reel) from the bait clip)

3. Bait up the rig, we recommend using our Baiting Elastic for best presentation.

4. Let 'er Rip! Simply cast and let the rig do the work. The float will lift the bait to the stop knot and keep it suspended!


~ Use leads that weigh more that the bait being used for best distance.

~ Trim off tails and fins on fish baits to get more aerodynamic flights and better distance.

~ Pair this rig with Terra Firma bait elastic and our Universal Grips Attachments (see other listings) for best durability and bait presentation

~ Rinse your leaders after each outing! This will keep hooks sharp, and swivels spinning well trip after trip!