Big Bait Shark Fishing Slidebaiting Leader (Winter Special) - 800lb Cable

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This particular leader design is intended to be used during a run of exceptional sized sharks that occurs along the coast in various locales during the winter, when most other sharkers have hung up their gear on a count of rain. Those that have spent those short winter days and long nights on the planks during the frigid seasons know what this means!
These leaders are designed specifically for winter-time land based sharking, using a tactic known worldwide as "Slide baiting". By casting a heavy anchor sinker (see our other products for examples) the angler can create a zip line effect, allowing a large, or fragile live bait to be presented at greater distances than they could be cast! A fantastic fishing tactic, and these leaders are the perfect tool for the job!


Heavy Duty Cable Shark Fishing Leader

    • 800lb Test Cable Construction

      • Resists abrasion and holds up well against teeth.

    • Features Sandbar Tackle High Carbon Circle Hook
Oversized Ball Bearing Swivel.
    • Added weight and size makes for smoother sliding.
Available in one length:  12 Foot


    • Use this leader with bigger baits, floated preferably for a long soak.

    • Match your leaders to your target species, for rough skinned species like sharks, try to exceed the target animals body size to avoid abrading the main line!

    • Rinse your leaders after each outing! This will keep hooks sharp, and swivels spinning well trip after trip!