X-Heavy Bait Clip - 5 Pack

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Heavy Bait Clip For Use With Pulley/Loop/Ascension Rigs

These bait clips are designed for use with our Pulley, Loop, IRS, Ascension Rigs etc. These take the place of the clip on the Universal Grip Attachments in instances when one does not want to use a grip lead (kelp, rocky areas, cost constraints). Undoubtedly the heaviest bait clips on the market, these are specifically designed for use with heavy baits up to and in excess of 1lb! You will NOT bend out this clip with a cast folks!

Heavy Bait Clip


~Heavy Stainless Steel Wire Construction

~Won't Bend or Deform Even With Massive Payloads (1lb+)

~Allows use of Clip-Down Style Rigs without Grip Lead Attachment


~ These come in handy when fishing snaggy areas where you know you will be losing rigs as they are cheaper than a Grip Lead Attachment.

~Simply clip these into the lead clip supplied with the rig and attach your lead to the Bait Clip.