Zinc Hook Anode - 12" Strip

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With new laws in Texas and Florida banning the use of Stainless Steel hooks, this product is much needed! The zinc in this tape works as a "sacrificial anode" to prevent corrosion on the now mandated non-stainless hooks. Simply clean the area on the hook where you want to place the anode. Cut the strip to size and wrap the tape on slowly and tightly to ensure a good connection. Add as many wraps as needed. Replace at the first sign of corrosion. This is a real money saver in the long run!

Adhesive Backed Anti-Corrosion Anode Tape

- Sacrificial Zinc Tape

- Conductive and Waterproof Adhesive Backing

- One Wrap Protects a Hook for 12-18 Hours

- 12" Strip: Enough for Alot of Hooks!


-This tape pays for itself in extended gear life!

-Rinse your leaders after each trip and inspect the tape to see if it needs refreshed/replaced

-For long soaks/multi day trips multiple wraps can be applied for added protection